Data privacy statement

Guarantor within the meaning of art. 4 No. 7 of the General Data Protection Regulation

Gerd Wedekind Baumaschinen GmbH
Osterholzstraße 124
34123 Kassel
telephone: +49 (0)561-50025-0
Mail: wedekind@wedekind-baumaschinen.net

Scope of application

Referred to the Federal Data Protection Act and media law this data privacy statement informs the user of this website about the type, the range, the purpose and the use of personal data through the operator of the website Gerd Wedekind Baumaschinen GmbH.

The operator of the website takes your data protection seriously and treats your personal data strictly confidential and appropriate to the statutory provisions.

Please consider that the data transmission in the internet can contain security lapses. A protection to the full extent from the access by strangers is not practicable.

Access data

The operator of the website or rather the provider collects data throught access to the page and saves them as „Server-Logfiles“. The following data are journalized:

  • visited website
  • time of access
  • quantity of transmitted data in byte
  • source/reference, from which you reached the site
  • used browser
  • used system software
  • used IP-address

The collected data simply conduce to statistical evaluations and to the improvement of the website. The operator of the website reserves the right to check the Server-Logfiles supplementary if practical indications refer to a illegal use.


This website uses Cookies. A Cookie is a small text file which will be saved on your terminal. Your browser accesses on this data. This website uses Cookies to increase the ease of use and the security.  Moreover they help to enable the adaptation of the display for each user. (responsive design for PC, Smartphone and Tablett)

Current browser offer the option: disable Cookies. Indication: It is not guaranteed that you can access to all features of this website if you choose this adjustment.

Handling of personal data

The operator of the website only elevates, uses and imparts yor personal data if it is allowed in the legal requirements or if you agreed to the data collection.

All information that serve to identify your person or that can be retraced to you are classified as personal data, such as your name, your e-mail address and telephone number.

Handling of contact details

When you contact the operator of the website through the given possibilities, your information will be saved and used for the adaption and response of your request. Without your agreement the data will not be given to a third party!

Active components

Within the scope of our website we do not use active components such as Java-Applets or Active-X-Controls. The JavaScript is necessary for the supply of the search function and the possibility of an encrypted contacting. If you deactivated the JavaScript these range of functions are not available or limited reclaimable; but the use of our website is still possible.

Safe data transmission

For the data codification we offer HTTPS (SSL) for our website. We recommend you to update your browser for a safe transfer of your data on this transmission path. All information out of the schedule for complaint and contacting will be transmitted encoded with regard to contents. These data can only be decoded by us.


The received contact information are only used to send our newsletter. There is no transfer to a third party. The registration is carried our in two steps which shall ensure that no undesired e-mail adress will be saved on our server.  A deregistration or delition of data can be done by yourself or occasioned by us!

Data privacy statement Google Maps

This website uses the product Google Maps from Google Inc. By using this website you accept a collection, editing and use of automatically compiled data through Google Inc, their representatives and a third party. The terms of use from Google Maps can be found under „terms of use Google Maps“.

Google Webfonts

Our website uses webfonts for the design of the script. These are provided by Google (http://www.google.com/webfonts/). When retrieving our website your browser is loading the needed webfont in your browsercache. This is necessary for your browser to enable a optical improved design of our text. If your browser does not support this function, a default front of your computer will be used in the display.

More information of used Google webfonts are available at

General information concerning data protection of Google are available at

Use of Social-Media-Plugins

Not provided on our website at the moment.

Use of embedded videos

Videos YouTube © are embedded on this webseite. YouTube captures data and sets cookies. By the use of the website you accept the registration, editing and use of the automatically compiled data by Youtube, their representative and third. You can find the terms of use of YouTube at „terms of use YouTube (Google)“.

Users rights: information, correction and delition

On application you as a user will get free information about all personal data that are saved from you. If your wish does not collide with legal responsibilities concerning the keeping of data (e.g. data preservation) you have the right of correction of wrong data and inhibition or delition of your personal data.