Refurbishment of the Löwenburg

Refurbishment of the Herkules cascades (Unesco world cultural heritage)

Unesco world cultural heritage, The famous Herkules building with the water casades in the middle of Germany. Now in restauration with a lot of Liebherr cranes. A special jop for our mecanics to erect the cranes in this vally

Birkenfelde - restoration churches retaining wall - (Germany) | 30LC

Kassel - construction of a new company headquarters - (Germany) | 110EC-B;140EC-H & 150EC-B

Würzburg - restoration retaining wall - (Germany) | 32TTR & 42KR.1

Willingen - ski-jumping hill - new construction umpire house - (Germany) | 140EC-H AND 180EC-H

Frankfurt - construction of a glass dome - (Germany) | 81K

Kassel - new construction airport - (Germany) | 71K

Wesel - new construction of the Rhein bridge - (Germany) | 280EC-H

Dunkeltal bridge - route Ebensfeld-Erfurt - (Germany) | 280EC-H

Bad Hersfeld - enlarging Asbachtal bridge - (Germany) | 140EC-H